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About Us

UEMIC Contracting provide expert residential and commercial contracting services

Our Mission

UEMIC was meticulously designed and constructed with one purpose: to surpass customer satisfaction. Our exceptional team brings a distinctively confident and honest approach to the industry, addressing a crucial gap that exists. We highly prioritize transparency, extending it to our esteemed clients, trusted trade partners, reliable suppliers, and valued investors, all of whom rely on us to propel their projects and turn their visions into reality.

Our successful business model has garnered us repeat business and forged sustainable relationships. We are passionate, confident, and unwaveringly focused on our projects from start to finish, ensuring that we emerge stronger than when we began. UEMIC was established to elevate the standards of the construction industry, and we will persistently push the boundaries through innovation, technology, and an steadfast devotion to our clients and partners.

Commercial and Residential Contracting

Building your dream is our passion.

Our Team

Javier Alonso


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Javier began his career in the construction industry more than 19 years ago. Javier worked as a Handy Man for many years where he worked with home owners on all types of repairs and assisted them with the hiring of licensed contractors for the work he could not perform on his own.

The 2008 financial crisis brought forth a new challenge in which Javier took maintenance contracts with several companies to recoup and restore homes and businesses that had fallen into to Foreclosure. Javier completed over 4,000 projects in 5 years and moved on from that business as the economy began to thrive.

Javier moved to the Commercial side of the industry working with and for contractors as a Superintendent, Project Manager and many other roles. He has worked on ground up projects from banks, retail stores even worked a 25 story hotel in Fort Lauderdale and an 85 story hotel/retail mix project in Brickell.

2020 was the year to go into business as a General Contractor and Javier now devotes all of his time building the business he has dreamed about for years.

Javier speaks English, Spanish and some Bulgarian.

Jasmina Anguelova


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Jasmina has over 10 years of accounting experience. She has worked for FPL and Royal Caribbean where she reviewed monthly financial statements, conducted audits and reconciled monthly balance sheet accounts. Jasmina now oversees daily operations of the accounting department, monitors and analyzes financial data and establishes accounting policies and procedures.

Jasmina has a Master’s Degree in Accounting and speaks English, Bulgarian and Spanish.

Gabriel Ivanov

Sales/Business Development

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Gabriel Ivanov has been in the Sales and Customer Service industry for over 20 years. Gabriel served NOLA 7 LTD, an Engineering, Wellness, Spa and Pool company in Sofia Bulgaria where he was responsible for Acquiring and maintaining new accounts. Gabriel now devotes his time to UEMIC where and over sees operations and logistics. Gabriel is responsible for finding and identifying new leads through a variety of sources. He coordinates subcontractors and suppliers both foreign and domestic in order to maintain a steady flow of communication which is vital to project success.

Gabriel has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and speaks English, Bulgarian and Russian.

Denitsa Popoff

Client Relations

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Denitsa Popoff worked for International Hotel in Golden Sands Bulgaria where she was responsible for welcoming new guests in a friendly and professional manner. Denitsa now dedicates her time providing information about our services and programs that are available for our clients. Denitsa is the primary point of contact for our clients once their project is completed and follows up on warranties on the work performed and will field calls for new work from existing clients.

Denitsa has a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management and speaks English, Bulgarian and German.




This is the process of formulating the activities required to undertake the construction project.

UEMIC Contracting


A symphony of collaboration unfolds as we engage in close partnership with the client, architect, and designers, meticulously refining every aspect to perfection. This process harmoniously integrates plans, schematics, and final details, resulting in a comprehensive and cohesive vision for the project.

UEMIC Contracting


During this phase the architect has been retained. Meanwhile, the team is buying out the project with the sub-contractors to ensure that all materials are clarified and budgets are calculated.
UEMIC Contracting


As the project progresses, it is now time for our team to focus on obtaining materials, equipment, and workforce needed for the project.
UEMIC Contracting


A pre-construction meeting is necessary to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The meeting will clarify the start date, access to the job, storage of materials, working hours, project safety, and how changes will be handled.

UEMIC Contracting


We will complete our Punch List along with you and will go over the project to make sure you understand how everything will work and function. Upon move in is when your Warranty period begins.