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Legal Compliance and Property Certification

Trustworthy contractors prioritize legal compliance and property certification to ensure your safety and the longevity of your property. Choose us for high-quality service, expertise, and peace of mind.
Short-term rental compliance: A short-term rental is a dwelling unit that rents or leases any living quarters or accommodations by the day, week, month, or any other length of time for less than six months in a calendar year. An example includes a home posted on airbnb.com, vrbo.com, or a similar website. A short-term rental needs to be licensed and approved by each city. The property also needs to be registered with the city, and taxes must get paid properly to individual agencies. A short-term home rental can be profitable if done legally and responsibly. We can assist with the certification process and can ensure the property is up date with city codes and codes ordinances to avoid license revocation.

Open permits: An open permit is a permit that has been issued but not yet completed or closed out by the local building department. Permits are left open for many reasons, and we can submit a “Change of Contractor” form if needed to continue the work on the project until all inspections have passed and the permit can be closed out.

Expired permits: An expired permit has passed its expiration date without the work being completed or closed out. Expired permits might have outstanding inspections that need to be completed prior to the permit getting closed, and we can help with this task. With our General Construction License, we can reopen the permit for your project, complete the work, and later close out the permit with the building department.

Code violations: Code violations occur when construction work does not comply with local building codes and regulations. These violations can result in fines or other penalties, and in some cases, they may require the work to be redone. Our team has the comprehensive experience to address code violations as soon as possible as they can impact the safety and habitability of a property and might lead to additional legal or financial issues if left unaddressed.

After-the-fact permits: An after-the-fact permit is issued after construction work has already been completed without a permit. These permits typically require the property owner to pay a penalty and bring the work up to code. We have the needed connections with engineers and architects to get the work drawn up and inspected properly. We also have the means to staff the project with the manpower to get the work done quickly.

Property liens: A property lien is a legal claim against a property for unpaid debts or obligations. Liens can be enforced through a legal process and can result in the sale of the property to satisfy the debt. We might be able to assist in mitigating the cost of the lien or might be able to contest the lien on your behalf with the assistance of our legal partners. Liens are not something to be ignored, and we can help you navigate the complex process until the matter is resolved.